Re-entering Canada with your bird from another country

Many countries have permits for the importation of various kinds of birds for different purposes, some of these apply to pet birds. Your bird is not allowed to leave Canada unless the permits are in order for the country you will be entering. The following site has a variety of import permit forms, listed by country, available in pdf form.

These forms must be signed by a veterinarian accredited by the CFIA, and may require considerable supporting documentation. Your veterinarian must be able to specifically identify each bird, and must often attest that the birds are in good health and have not been in contact with certain specified infectious diseases. Permits may be refused if there have been disease outbreaks within Canada that would be of concern to other countries, for example certain strains of Avian Influenza or particular poultry diseases. It is critical to contact your local CFIA office to obtain the most recent information on health certificates and import regulations.

The Veterinary Health Certificate form to export birds to the United States is available online.

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